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Dashboard It consists of the product technical manuals like getting started, build tools and also is described every component with code examples
Health/Fitness You receive access to entire code for HTML, JS and SCSS files depends on the different package of each Product
Financial You will receive Sketch/Photoshop/Adobe XD/Figma files depends on each Product
AI Recomendations You can use our products to create an application where the end user is charged with a monthly/annually subscription plan (SaaS - Software as a Service)
Personalised Data You can create End Products and deploy them on domains like,,
Up to 20 Users How many people can work and have access to the source code of our items. You have an “Invite Team” option in your Downloads dashboard to invite your team members.
Priority Support You receive bug fixes and responses directly from the creators of the products in a couple of hours during business days with the Priority Support. The regular Support meaning that you will get responses and bug fixes in 24 hours during business days.
Access to Discord Server You receive Free Updates that contains bug fixes and new features for 6/12/lifetime months depending on the license you bought. After that period, if you need new access to our latests Updates you have to purchase the Product again. If you don’t need our latest Updates you can continue using our products for how many months/years you want.
Sofia Destro

“I love how easy it is to add my finances and see my spending habits in one place. DailyLifeOptimizer has helped me stay within my budget and save more money than ever before.” - Lily H.”

Sofia Destro

Sofia Destro

Track and improve your health and fitness goals.

Add your favorite fitness app data to DailyLifeOptimizer to see statistics on your activity and track your progress. Record your meals and get suggestions for healthy alternatives. With DailyLifeOptimizer, you can get the motivation you need to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.